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[texts]73 Magazine (May 1982)
73 Magazine May 1982 (#260) Pacific Odyssey - the Kingman/Palmyra adventure ...... KB7NW 12 Top-Notch for Top Band - super antennas for 160 ...... N3BEK 26 The Fun-Amp - 20 Watts out ...... WA0RBR 32 The CCD Antenna Revisited - does it measure up on 40m? ...... W4ANL 40 Antenna-Raising: The Good-Neighbor Policy - sidestepping civil war ...... AK5Q/4 42 'Lite Receiver IV - part I: building it is a breeze ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; radio; magazine; tor; power; frequency; pth; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; radio club; money order; weather satellite; call toll; residents add
Downloads: 5,670 (2 reviews)
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1977)
73 Magazine April 1977 (#199) Shoot the Moon! ...... K3BPP 44 Frustrating The Thieves ...... WB0GGT 46 Automatic Autopatch Release ...... WA1RTD 52 Emergency 911 System ...... WA2RXQ 54 The Downspout Vertical ...... K8ANG 55 RTTY? What's That? ...... WA6CPP/WA7PEI 56 Do-It-Yourself Photosensitizing ...... KL7AE 57 Making Your Own PC Boards -Part II ...... Smith 58 Curing Mobile Noise Miseries ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; kit; antenna; power; meter; frequency; circuit; repeater; circuit board; amateur radio; power supply; barrel kit; front panel; qso party; radio club; ham radio; master charge; kit includes
Downloads: 4,059 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]73 Magazine (December 2002)
73 Magazine December 2002 (#505) Commercial-Quality Function Generator - Will you outlive it -or vice versa? ...... K8IHO 10 Shedding Some Light on Dimmers - Why not put one of these triacs to use? ...... W2GOM/7 22 Eager for Meager - Try an 11m vertical on 160 ...... AD1B 24 Shack Switch for Foot Fetishists - Not that it's That kinky ...... WA2OKZ 27 Ashore at Sacrifice Rock! - The saga of a masterful DXpedition ........
Keywords: radio; frequency; amateur; antenna; mhz; ihe; thai; cap; december; amateur radio; radio today; web site; time base; radio book; book shop; ham radio; power supply; cal res; three boats
Downloads: 9,272 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]73 Magazine (January 2002)
73 Magazine January 2002 (#494) Build a 1.2 GHz FM Repeater - With a lot of initiative and perseverance, these hams realized success ...... NY9D 10 AII-Star Expanded-Scale AC Voltmeter - Monitor your line voltage with this high-performer ...... K8ZOA 15 Travels with Henryk -Part 2 - SM0JHF shares some photos - and the fun of hamming ...... SM0JHF 22 VTVMs and FETVMs - Theory and practice ...... W2GOM/7 24 The ABCs of IRCs - Just what ARE International Reply Coupons, anyway? ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; voltage; ham; meter; digital; ardf; antenna; january; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; digital port; web site; hamsats hamsats; wind gauge; power supply; qrp qrp; power supplies
Downloads: 2,141
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1993)
73 Magazine April 1993 (#391) Mini-Quad Loops - Three-fifths-size loops with full-size performance ...... NH6XK 10 Copper Dual-Band Super J-Pole Antenna - Build it in less than an hour ...... KA0NAN 12 HR2510 Hi-Power Modrtication - Increase the performance of this popular HF rig ...... Merrill 17 10 Meter X-Beam - Upgrade your antenna as well as your license ...... N5SJZ 18 Lightweight, Collapsible Quad for 2 Meters - Excellent performance in a small package ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ham; frequency; tor; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; packet radio; flea market; surface mount; card circle; matching case
Downloads: 2,076
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1972)
73 Magazine April 1972 (#139) 200 Watt 2m Amplifier - Now you can be unpopular in six counties ...... W4RIZ 17 Using the Drake TR-22 - Does more than DU2 ...... W4FQM/l 25 An Auto-Bandwidth Selector Unit - Using two ICs ...... W2EEY 27 "Break" - A typical day on 2m FM ...... K1NUN/1 31 AFSK-MCW-CPO IC - Prizes if you can translate that ...... K9MRL 36 Using the LM373 - I-f amplifier IC projects ........
Keywords: repeater; frequency; mhz; output; receiver; audio; circuit; power; amateur; radio; amateur radio; tone burst; power supply; base station; ham radio; extra class; study guide; watts output; los angeles; printed circuit
Downloads: 1,729
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1962)
73 Magazine May 1962 (#20) Two Meter Tank and Coupler - Part 1 on a marvelous two meter rig ...... W9DUT 6 Simple Antenna Mast - 22 feet for $4.00 ...... K3LTB/5 8 6M Double-Sideband AM Transmitter - Uses circuit board. Whole bunch of fellows are getting on with this simple rig ...... K8AOE, K8MSB 10 Two'er Modifications - AC/DC power supply, new osc. circuit. Applicable to 10'er & 6'er too ...... K2ORY 16 73 Tests the Telco 201 Converter - This six meter nuvistor converter is amazing ........
Keywords: meter; circuit; antenna; receiver; voltage; hallicrafters; output; coil; capacitor; plate; power supply; amateur net; front panel; gain control; tuning capacitor; noise figure; tank circuit; plate current; low voltage; final amplifier
Downloads: 2,201
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1973)
73 Magazine December 1973 (#159) IC Code Speed Display - Check the FCC's code machine with this one ...... VE1BU 25 2 Meter Linear Amplifier - In case you want to try Moonbounce ...... W4KAE 29 A Simple IC Keyer - Nice 3 IC Keyer ...... K2BLA 37 Precision Waveform Generator - Sine, square and sawtooth waves from one IC ...... VE3GSP 41 Helical Resonators - Rise from the depths of QRM ...... W0PSF/2 49 Sensitive RF Voltmeter - Check out your rig's emotional problems ........
Keywords: frequency; amateur; mhz; voltage; output; meter; repeater; power; circuit; receiver; power supply; amateur radio; catalog number; ceramic disc; square root; disc capacitors; decimal point; full scale; civil defense; blue tin
Downloads: 2,677
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1989)
73 Magazine July 1989 (#346) 10 Meter Survival Guide - The lowdown on this versatile HF band ...... N8DNX 12 "Black Bag" Portable - QRP OSCAR station on the go ...... N6DGK 26 Harmonic History - Ham children lead unique lives ...... O'Connell 28 Inexpensive Hardline - Build this Z match and save a bundle ...... KA9LNV 16 Four In/Five Out - Independently adjustable mixed audio outputs ...... KA0LDB 37 Good Mobile Audio-For Pennies - Easy way to feed rig audio to your car speaker system ........
Keywords: mhz; antenna; amateur; radio; frequency; ham; repeater; avt; center; connector; amateur radio; feedback card; avt system; ham radio; front panel; gaas fet; center conductor; power supply
Downloads: 1,877
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1999)
73 Magazine November 1999 (#469) Need a UHF Dipper? - Part 2: Coupling to an outside environment ...... W6WTU 10 Planning a DXpedition - Here's what to do if you take Wayne's advice ...... W4DC 14 Why No Beta-Morse? - An amusing way to preserve your Morse code ...... VE2MHZ 18 Building a Better Collins - Add this $1 solid state replacement part to your 30S1 ...... W2CQM 19 Isotron Notes - Simple tips straight from the Hart ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; loop; antenna; power; mhz; kit; thai; battery; amateur radio; radio today; sense loop; feedback card; morse code; ham radio; high power; web site; spread spectrum
Downloads: 2,400
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1990)
73 Magazine May 1990 (#356) SAREX-90 - Ham-In-Space Shuttle Missions ...... W3IWI, WA4SIR, W3XO 9 Sharing the Adventure with Young People - Maritime ham classroom with a conscience ...... KA1UKM 18 An Interview with Carole Perry, WB2MGP - Who's new in ham radio ...... KB2IGG 20 The Biggest Ham Country-Japan - Plus 9600 baud packet and tree antennas ...... WA1LBP 24 Tri-State Anti-Drug Air Show - Amateur radio ops say "Yes" to " Say no" ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; mhz; ihe; antenna; hams; kit; amateur radio; ham radio; met day; feedback card; power supply; packet radio; teur radio; young people
Downloads: 2,286
[texts]73 Magazine (July 2001)
73 Magazine July 2001 (#488) The Antenna That Never Was - and the 4S7WHG DXpedition that Almost followed suit ...... G3SWH 10 Power Supplies Explained - The esoteric facts ...... W2G0M/7 16 QRP Asylum Update - The latest from our build-crazy ham ...... NY9D 23 Your Long-Lost Transistor Notebook - Part 1 of 4 ...... W6WTU 27 Read All About It! - Part 8 of good stuff from The Hertzian Herald ...... K8JWR The History of Ham Radio - Paris 7 and 8: Broadcast radio and the early '20s ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; voltage; antenna; july; ham; transistor; receiver; mhz; amateur radio; radio today; web site; ham radio; power supplies; characteristic curves; vacuum tube; radio book; exam questions; book shop
Downloads: 1,836
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1975)
73 Magazine May 1975 (#176) IC Call Sign Generator ...... VE3GSP 10 Faxing SSTV ...... K6IGC 15 Fat Nixies for Chronometer Nuts ...... W2AOO 23 Latest K2OAW Counter Update ...... WB2UKP 30 How to Become a Famous Author ...... K2OAW 33 Playing with Power on 432 ...... K1CLL 40 More Fun with the IC-230 ...... WA6VJR 45 Does Ether Cause Gravity? ...... W6NLB/7 49 Mother's Day Special : The Violet Tester ........
Keywords: mhz; power; output; circuit; receiver; radio; amateur; supply; magazine; frequency; power supply; amateur radio; output power; slow scan; uhf uhf; high voltage; touch tone; printed circuit; ham radio; watt carbon
Downloads: 1,722
[texts]73 Magazine (August 1992)
73 Magazine August 1992 (#383) The ViewPort VGA Color SSTV System - At last- a versatile slow-scan TV program and interface for the IBM PC ...... KA2PYJ 8 The Compact-A-Loop Antenna - 80 meters for the apartment dweller ...... G2BZQ 18 ATV Transmitter, Part I - Get on ATV easily and cheaply ...... K2MQJ, KA2CWL 22 The Explorer - HF receiver for 40 and 80 meters ...... K5WMS 30 Digital ALC - A simple way to get the best out of any transmitter ......N7APE 36 A Frequency Counter Upgrade - Accuracy ...
Keywords: amateur; mhz; radio; antenna; ihe; frequency; fax; audio; ham; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; antenna tuner; radio shack; ground plane
Downloads: 1,870
[texts]73 Magazine (October 2001)
73 Magazine October 2001 (#491) Antenna Tuning at the Speed of Light - Build your own 8-channel fiber optic control system ...... WA6TLK 10 CTCSS Encoder-Decoder Test Device - Nice article + Useful piece of equipment = Construction fun! ...... W6WTU 16 Your Long-Lost Transistor Notebook - Part 4 of 4 ...... W6WTU 21 DTMF Remote Controlling - In somewhat fractured syntax, here's how to let your fingers do the talking ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ctcss; ham; ihe; frequency; receiver; antenna; october; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; web site; qsl card; front panel; fiber optic; test device; dip switch; radio book
Downloads: 2,131
[texts]73 Magazine (July 2000)
73 Magazine July 2000 (#476) The Universal Loop - A novel, efficient. modularly constructed receiving loop antenna covering from 55 kHz to 40 MHz (or even more) ...... G2BZQ 10 String Up the GPU 80 - This compact antenna could be part of your clandestiny ...... G2BZQ 14 Return of the Amazin' Hall Tree Vertical - This time for 40/30 ...... K5CW 18 Twinleads To Go - Keep these emergency antennas for 2m and 70cm in your glovebox ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; loop; frequency; mfj; ham; mhz; july; amateur radio; radio today; mfj cub; ham radio; web site; pvc pipe; field day; low power; radio club; radio book
Downloads: 1,874
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1984)
73 Magazine February 1984 (#281) This Antenna Is Too Good To Be True - It's cheap. It works well on all bands. And it radiates a super signal ...... W4HDX 10 Construct the Minuteman Timer - As faithful as a grandfather cock. This timer tells when to ID - and when not to ...... KA8QBQ 14 The Secret of Remote Control - In Inside those miniature planes lie some sophisticated circuits ...... WB3BQO 18 Calculate Your FT-101 - Here 's how to treat your trusty FT-101 to a truly automatic digital displa...
Keywords: amateur; antenna; radio; erm; mhz; frequency; tor; magazine; output; amateur radio; power supply; gmt february; radio shack; ham radio; toll free; radio amateur; radio club; front panel; wayne green
Downloads: 2,646
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1996)
73 Magazine April 1996 (#427) 440 Super J-Pole Antenna - Here's a great club project ...... KA0NAN 10 The Hentenna - An easy construction project and a chance to experiment ...... KA0DAQ 14 The Big Loopy Skywire - Cheap and simple, with a bodacious signal ...... NH6XK 18 Easy to Build 10m Beam - The Sun-spots are coming. The Sun-spots are coming ...... N6CJU 20 Johnson Matchbox Renaissance - A flea market winner! Or, build one yourself ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; radio; meter; mhz; ham; ihe; antennas; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; flea market; ham radio; cold fusion; feed point; corner beam
Downloads: 1,703
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1983)
73 Magazine October 1983 (#277) Six Antennas from Three Wires - With these modified Beverage antennas, you double your directions without doubling your cost ...... K1VR, N1RC 10 Join the Packet-Radio Revolution -Part II - Warm up your soldering irons. This part offers the nuts and bolts of building your own TNC ...... WA7CXD 20 Become a Low-Band Pioneer - Where does an audio transistor become a gccd rf amp? On 1700 meters, of course ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; mhz; ham; frequency; magazine; antennas; ihe; amateur radio; ham radio; radio club; power supply; gmt october; toll free; prices subject; power output; watts output; qso party
Downloads: 2,011
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1983)
73 Magazine July 1983 (#274) You Can Build This Code Trainer - More than a mere code-practice oscillator this CPU-controlled trainer features burned-in practice groups Flick a switch and you have a keyer ...... K7ZOV 12 The True Story Behind Heard Island - Fighting bad weather, shady ship owners, and bad press, the HlDXA expedition forged its way to the DXer's dream. But getting there was only half the battle ........
Keywords: amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; ihe; radio; output; tor; magazine; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; heard island; morse code; radio club; radio amateur; money order; wayne green; prices subject
Downloads: 1,863
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1985)
73 Magazine February 1985 (#293) VIC RTTY Resource - Is your VIC-20 ready for RTTY? Make it happen with N5ALE's foolproof software! ...... N5ALE 12 Satellite Supremacy - Sometimes 15 Watts just doesn't cut it with OSCAR 10. The solution? Use W2GEF's 60-Watt uplink amp-stripline construction makes building it a snap! ...... W2GEF 18 CB to Six - Why stop at 10 meters? KB5LF's Hy-Gain conversion will take you to VHF just as easily ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; amateur; frequency; radio; ihe; receiver; ham; amateur radio; transmitter; power supply; utc february; smart patch; turn control; ham radio; private patch; signal generator
Downloads: 2,122
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1965)
73 Magazine March 1965 (#54) Dual VHF Converter - Combination 144/220 MHz Nuvistor converter ...... W9DUT 8 Two-Band Collinear Antenna - For 40 and 15 meters, by George ...... W7CSD 10 The Parametric-Transistor Multiplier - A new development in electronics of great interest, no doubt ...... W6GXN, W6QUD 12 Improving the Garden City TU - Don't let the title fool you; it's a complete TU, whatever that is ........
Keywords: antenna; circuit; meter; output; frequency; voltage; coil; input; receiver; tube; power supply; input signal; wave form; amateur radio; printed circuit; receiver hallicrafters; quarter wave; plate current; ham shack; front panel
Downloads: 2,005
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1973)
73 Magazine November 1973 (#158) Getting Started On 450 MHz - Hurry before someone proposes a Class F! ...... K1CLL 21 Getting Started On ATV - Simple circuits for the beginning ATVer ...... WA7NMO 26 NI-CAD Battery Life-Saver - Insures cold starts ...... K2ETN 35 The Heath GR-110 Scanning Receiver - A plus for Heath ...... W3WTO 39 Is Your Autopatch Legal? - Or are you just pretending ...... W3YVV 49 Frequency Aperture Modulation - FAM makes another appearance ........
Keywords: frequency; mhz; amateur; power; antenna; output; repeater; circuit; audio; receiver; power supply; amateur radio; residents add; remotely controlled; slow scan; circuit board; watts output; repeater station; customer provided; auxiliary link
Downloads: 1,785
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1990)
73 Magazine December 1990 (#363) Behold the BackPacket! - Go take a hike with packet radio ...... NW6H 9 Upgrade Your HD-4040 - KISS your Heath HD-4040 and keep AX.25 too! ...... N2BLI 19 The VOX Plus HT Accessory - Enjoy base station performance -with your HT! ...... WA2EBY 24 Pack Your Seabag, "Sparks" - Do you want to be a ship's Radio Officer? ...... N0MM 35 Audio Powered Tape Recorder Controller - Add convenience to your hamshack ......KE0UV 54 Ten-Tee's Hercules II Model 420 - Turn your ri...
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; audio; mhz; frequency; ihe; power; amateur radio; radio today; ham profiles; power supply; ham radio; feedback card; profiles ham; tape recorder
Downloads: 3,178
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1963)
73 Magazine October 1963 (#37) Do-it-Yourself WBFM Transceiver ...... K5JKX 8 Why Johnny Ham Can't Hear - (with apologies to Rudolph Flesch) ...... W6VAT 12 Why Fight Ohm's Law? ...... K5HPT 16 Tri-Element Remotely Tuned Yagi ...... WB2CQM 22 Rules of Thumb - Or How to Get in the Ballpark and Stay ...... W5IUR 28 Combination Antenna Coupler ...... W3WPV 30 The Minute Motor ...... W3WPV 36 Filament Transformer Conversion ........
Keywords: watts; power; antenna; meter; receiver; frequency; crystal; transmitter; supply; output; power supply; watts pep; watts input; grounded grid; general coverage; amateur radio; front panel; audio output; mmfd ceramic; minute motor
Downloads: 1,998
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1976)
73 Magazine October 1976 (#192) Build a Weird 2 Band Mobile Antenna - fantastic parking lot car locater ...... W6AAQ 20 Build a Counter for Your Receiver - updating receiver fun ...... WA3YGJ 28 How Do You Use ICs? - part II ...... WA2SUT/NNN0ZVB 38 QRP Fun on 40 and 80 - have a real ball with just 5 Watts! ...... K5JRN 44 The Hybrid Quad - has low windload, expense, hassle ...... WB8VCS 48 Frequency Detector for Your Counter - sounds alarm when set frequency occurs ........
Keywords: frequency; output; antenna; circuit; amateur; program; mhz; kit; power; input; amateur radio; power supply; lambda diode; low power; shift register; master charge; frequency counter; factory wired; residents add; barrel kit
Downloads: 1,889
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1969)
73 Magazine March 1969 (#102) Modifying the TCS Transmitter - A useful piece of surplus gear ...... K3UUL 6 A $4 Compressor Pre-Amplifier - More speech for less money ...... W2EEY 10 Reactance or Impedance - Answers to a lot of old questions ...... K9ZPZ, K9DRB 14 Weather Snooper - Eavesdropping on the aircraft WX frequencies ...... K6ZFV 18 The Charmin' Keyer - The solid-state keyer ...... W9HXM 22 Amateur Radio Knows No Borders - Saving a life across the Iron Curtain ........
Keywords: circuit; output; input; amateur; khz; amplifier; frequency; antenna; signal; power; power supply; amateur radio; plate current; input signal; shipping weight; test equipment; exl condition; output signal; high voltage; grid bias
Downloads: 1,836
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1963)
73 Magazine July 1963 (#34) Sizzling Six - Super sensitive six meter converter. Kit available ...... W9DUT 8 Chemical City TU - One of the best RTTY converters to come along so far ...... K8IQJ 14 Low-Ebb in the Sunspot Cycle - "Humph, that's science fiction" said Tom astoundingly ...... K2TKN 17 Two-Banding the Swan One Bander - Cinch ...... W8DZH 18 Six Meter Transmitter - 2E26 output. Kit available on terrific tuning-indicator ........
Keywords: meter; quad; antenna; power; circuit; transmitter; ham; amateur; output; audio; single tone; balanced modulator; power supply; amateur radio; driven element; antenna coupler; forward power; reflected power; power level; open wire
Downloads: 1,685
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1991)
73 Magazine June 1991 (#369) Three Bands With One Rock - Versatile QRP transmitter for 80, 40 and 20m ...... WW9X 10 Tune in on Philately - Immortalized in stamps ...... Schuessler 14 A Pseudo CW Filter - Be good to your ears ...... WR5B 18 Build the Brass Pounder's Keyer - A memory keyer that reproduces your true CW "fist" ...... AA6GG 22 SPSM Mobile Mount - Build this reliable Hustler classic ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; antenna; mhz; power; repeater; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; radio shack; print spaces; warc bands
Downloads: 2,126
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1989)
73 Magazine November 1989 (#350) Sing for the unsung Heroes - Let's recognize our clubs selfless volunteers! ...... K5CVD 36 1989 Holiday Wish List - Some of the best values for holiday gifts ...... 73 Staff 60 FLAVORIG! - Have a Radio Shack Flavoradio? Turn it into a 80-meter CW transceiver! ...... KBlUM 12 The Bitchaser - Build this versatile piece of test equipment for digital circuitry ...... K4OND 18 Bargain Audio Frequency Meter - $10 and an easy evening of home-brew gets you this very use...
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; ham; amateur radio; feedback card; ham radio; power supply; dual band; radio shack
Downloads: 3,070
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1999)
73 Magazine March 1999 (#462) The Pluck of the Irish - Was Wee Mac a leprechaun or a pirate-or both? ...... K9AZG 10 Transmitting Ferrite Loop for 80/160 - Thirty years of experimenting ...now it's your turn! ...... G2BZQ 14 Signals From the Ice: Now That's Really Cool! - Here's what happens when hams meet Alaska's Matanuska Glacier ...... KL7JR 20 Anti-Metric? - You already use it more than you think! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; frequency; filter; metric; ferrite; ham; power; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; web site; straight key; metric system
Downloads: 1,856
[texts]73 Magazine (April 2002)
73 Magazine April 2002 (#497) Ham Window Dressing - If this nifty car frequency display doesn't draw gawks, nothing ever will ...... Rynone 10 SOS... SOS... Titanic! - Radio operators' courage still inspires amateurs ...... Garcia 14 Does Your Junk Box Runneth Over? - A true junkie explains how to get a grip ...... W6WTU 19 New Life for a Pierson KE-93 - Part 3 of 3 ...... W6WTU 22 The Call of the Maldives - 8Q7WH, that is ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; photo; patent; wireless; april; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; radio shack; junk box; web site; team usa; john phillips; high frequency; spark gap
Downloads: 1,959
[texts]73 Magazine (January 2001)
73 Magazine January 2001 (#482) SV8 from the Geranium - Mykonos is a great DXpedition - once you get there ...... G3SWH 10 Inside Digital TV/VCR Tuners - Part 5: Decimal-to-binary conversion program ...... W6WTU 14 Transistor Bias: The Secret Story - Shore up some of your shaky transistor theory by taking this tutorial ...... W2GOM/7 18 ATV 23cm FM Receiver - Kiwi TV- Part 1: New Zealand-style ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; frequency; mfj; mhz; ham; digital; receiver; meters; amateur radio; radio today; web site; ham radio; power supply; digital port; drain current; nice qsl; radio club; heavy duty
Downloads: 2,259
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1972)
73 Magazine May 1972 (#140) SSTV Monitor - Built from a kit ...... WA4VAF 17 6 Meter Mobile Transmitter - 40 watts of FM ...... Martens 21 Quick Band Change Mobile Antenna - With output indicator ...... W4LLR 27 Audio IC - For modulators, receivers, etc ...... K1CLL 32 73 Tests the Larsen Antenna - Very effective 5/8 wave mobile FM antenna ...... W2NSD/l 36 How to Get the Stuff into the House - Sneakily ........
Keywords: amateur; frequency; antenna; radio; output; signal; mhz; input; noise; repeater; amateur radio; slow scan; power supply; ham radio; study guide; radio astronomy; vertical sync; radio club; noise level; army mars
Downloads: 1,869
[texts]73 Magazine (August 2000)
73 Magazine August 2000 (#477) Really PIC Key, PIC Key - Add memory functions to your PIC Keyer project ...... UY5DJ 10 10m Junk Box Amp - More tube-type fun! ...... K4CRS 16 Vaya Con (Ra)Dios - The radio amateurs of Spain - part 2: Mallorca and a side trip to the Principality of Andorra ...... WB2AQC 19 Cold Fusion, Hot Speculation - OK, experimenters, get ready to do this on your kitchen table ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; program; ham; meters; august; mhz; amateur radio; thai; front panel; crystal oscillator; radio today; morse code; web site; junk box; photo diode; ham radio; ttl crystal
Downloads: 2,154
[texts]73 Magazine (January 2000)
73 Magazine January/Feb 2000 (#471) New Millennium Wish List - A budget-conscious guide to exploring new amateur radio horizons ...... K4TWJ 10 Buffalo Springs Lake Half-Ironman Triathlon - Ham PR at its best ...... KC5VKB 14 Junk Box Audio Test Generator - This scavenged helper is easy to build and fun to use ...... Sellen 22 Read All About It! - Part 2 of good stuff from The Hertzian Herald ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; amateur; frequency; meter; qrp; ham; antenna; noise; power; amateur radio; radio today; noise figure; ham radio; web site; feedback card; low power; ten meter; flea market
Downloads: 1,897
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1969)
73 Magazine December 1969 (#111) Quick, Easy, Dependable Transistor Diode Checker - For those who like checkered diodes ...... W6ICC 6 Did Samuel Morse Really Invent the Telegraph? - Telegraph? What's that? ...... W2FEZ 10 Combination Dummy Load/Attenuator Network - Also doubles as a hot plate for your coffee warming ...... W2EEY 14 Tuned Filter Chokes - The Easy Way - Can your filter chokes carry a tune? ........
Keywords: circuit; frequency; amateur; output; crystal; power; meter; input; oscillator; mhz; amateur radio; power supply; vdc vdc; extra class; resonant circuit; crystal oscillator; test equipment; feedback network; power output; input signal
Downloads: 3,103
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1981)
73 Magazine November 1981 (#254) The Satellite TV Challenge - 73 magazine's answer ...... N8RK 14 Space Spinoffs for Amateur Radio - the makings of a communications revolution ...... WA1DCP, W2IKQ 18 How Big A Dish? - Satellite central, part 1 ...... Gibson 20 Satellite Channel Guide - Part 1 ...... WESTSAT 24 Satellite TV Receivers - is there a better way? ...... K4TWJ 26 Spread Spectrum - a report from AMRAD ........
Keywords: antenna; frequency; amateur; mhz; radio; magazine; power; receiver; output; signal; amateur radio; power supply; hewlett packard; packard hewlett; toll free; ham radio; directional coupler; call toll; radio rsa; front panel
Downloads: 2,575
[texts]73 Magazine (August 2002)
73 Magazine August 2002 (#501) You Can Build This VLF to HF Loop Receiving Antenna - Part 2 of 3 ...... K8ZOA 10 Vacuum Tubes: Romance and Reality - A (mostly) glowing tale ...... W8QYR 16 2 m/70 cm Quad Revisited -Part 1 - Tryout this new, improved update to a CQ article ...... K8IHQ 19 Twisted Tale: The Dial File - Ever wonder how dials evolved? Well, read this anyway ...... W6WTU 23 Twin for Two - Give this home-made twin loop for 2m a try -and be surprised ........
Keywords: radio; dial; amateur; antenna; photo; august; frequency; ihe; mhz; ham; amateur radio; radio today; web site; ham radio; vacuum tubes; pvc pipe; vacuum tube; power supply; air core; radio book
Downloads: 2,078
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1994)
73 Magazine January 1994 (#400) Using the World's Most Accurate Frequency Standard, Part 1 - Building a receiver for WWVB ...... K9EUI 10 Micro IDer - An easy-to-build automatic Morse code station identifier ...... KA9SZW, Pointer 18 The "Hula Loop" - A stationary bidirectional hybrid three-element delta loop ...... NH6XK 30 The Quad Charger - A constant current NiCd charger ...... K4GOK 34 EASY-PC Printed Circuit Layout Software - Want to get into computer-aided design (CAD)? ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; repeater; ham; power; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; ham radio; feedback card; matching case; case set; flea market
Downloads: 2,546
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1987)
73 Magazine January 1987 (#316) Announcing: 73 Magazine's DX Dynasty Award - We decided that it was about time someone started DXCC over from scratch! Here's how you can join in the frenzy of DXing's newest and hottest award ...... Staff 27 A Power Supply Primer: Part II - Now that you've rectified the wall socket's ac, you've got to do something about all of those crazy ripples ...... K4IPV 28 Operators Aren't Standing By - Solve your remote-control problems once and for all with this under-pri...
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; ham; print; output; frequency; filter; amateur radio; print print; ham radio; power supply; feedback card; print input; gunn diode; ripple factor; input print; filter capacitor
Downloads: 1,769
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1991)
73 Magazine January 1991 (#364) High Precision Frequency Standard - Use your TV set as a laboratory standard ...... Johnson 9 Scrounger's Guide to Recycled Electronics - Discover a gold mine of inexpensive parts ...... W5FG 22 An HF/VHF/UHF Marker Generator - Get on frequency for less than $10 ...... K84ZGC 27 A Parallel Port I/O Board - Control your world! ...... VE6BGL 29 The Three-Terminal Regulator - Multiple uses in one package ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; ham; output; tor; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; center conductor; rose parade; radio club
Downloads: 1,958
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1980)
73 Magazine September 1980 (#240) In Profile: Dick Bash KL7IHP - the father of The Final Exam speaks out ...... N1AUI 40 That Mysterious Mode: 10 FM - an examination of propagation phenomena ...... WB2EQG 44 The World Above 430 - part II: next stop, 1296 ...... W9CGI 52 Bridge Over Troubled Audio - another method for driving speakers ...... K4IPV 56 Load a Lawn Chair - even if you can't carry a tune, you can build this matchbox ........
Keywords: mhz; output; frequency; antenna; power; signal; amateur; audio; kit; input; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; toll free; gmt september; radio club; heavy duty; front panel; versa tuner; output power
Downloads: 2,670
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1986)
73 Magazine February 1986 (#305) Razor-Sharp CW - Here's a filter for fanatics -or is 80 Hz too wide? ...... N6HI 10 New Bands for Old Rigs - Internal or external, converter or transverter, here's how to add three WARC bands to your favorite radio ...... GW3SB 16 Razzle-Dazzlin' Your Azden - Some sleight-of-hand with a fistful of parts will make your PCS-2000 a 2m star! ...... K7UKW 20 VIC RAMification: Part III - Thank W6LOB for the memories ........
Keywords: radio; mhz; frequency; amateurs; filter; tor; amateur; switch; antenna; radio amateurs; amateur radio; power supply; front panel; utc february; packet radio; smart patch; power switch; toll free; signal generator
Downloads: 1,653
[texts]73 Magazine (March 2000)
73 Magazine March 2000 (#472) The Quest for Super Sounding Audio - How to improve your on-the-air image by 10 dB ...... K4TWJ 10 Salvage Special: TV/VCR Tuner Receiver - Watch the neighbor's curb for an old VCR! ...... W6WTU 16 The Care and Feeding of NiCds - Some clever tips for long life, plus a neat home-brew charger ...... K9TRG 21 Secrets of Transmission Lines - Part 7: Impedance matching ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ham; noise; power; audio; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; noise figure; noise head; feedback card; web site; smith chart; power supplies; matching case
Downloads: 1,830
[texts]73 Magazine (October 2002)
73 Magazine October 2002 (#503) IF Test Box - A real "can"-do project ...... AA2JZ 10 Mobile Ham Repeater - Isn't it time your club had one? ...... W6WTU 14 Inside Today's Kit Biz - An interview with Marshall Emm N1FN ...... KF6FJU 23 Close Encounters of the 5R Kind - Our Fearless Phil moseys out to Madagascar ...... G3SWH 27 What's in a Name? - Badge, that is? A cabin fever cure-all ...... AA2JZ 33 Letter From the Other Side - Re: Celebrating the bisesquicentennial of a shocking event ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; ihe; power; thai; web; antenna; october; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; web site; power meter; book shop; oak hills; directional coupler; radio book; power supply
Downloads: 1,871
[texts]73 Magazine (May 2003)
73 Magazine May 2003 (#510) Tunable Broadcast Band Filter - Another great project from K8ZOA ...... K8ZOA 10 How to Avoid a Disaster Disaster - And how about putting the field back in Field Day? ...... WB9YBM 22 Ready, Set... Don't Go? - The time for preparation to be a meaningful participant in the next emergency situation is before the event occurs ...... AA2JZ 23 'Quaker Oaths - In 1989, the ARS came through.....
Keywords: radio; amateur; power; tuning; coupling; inverter; frequency; ham; photo; amateur radio; radio today; main tuning; ham radio; web site; wouff hong; tuning capacitor; switching power; red cross; morse code
Downloads: 1,879
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1964)
73 Magazine January 1964 (#40) Transistorized Receiver - High Quality ...... W3HKX 18 Receiver Deceiver ...... W2RWJ 30 Let's Keep it Simple ...... VE2AUB/W5 36 Going RITTY ...... W4RWM 39 Well Grounded ...... K4ZGM 42 The Beginning ...... W1KSZ 52 How Good is Your Receiver ...... WA4EPY 55 Effective Filtering - Or shut that thing off! ...... W2OZY 58 Two-Element Phased Array ...... W7RTP 60 Europe on $2000 a Day ........
Keywords: amateur; receiver; antenna; radio; frequency; transistor; power; meter; amateurs; transmitter; amateur radio; power supply; ground system; incentive licensing; high frequency; ham radio; zener diode; short wave; perfect receiver; general coverage
Downloads: 1,900
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1997)
73 Magazine February 1997 (#437) Amateur Radio and Linux - Software home-brewing is here! ...... W9IF 10 Elegant Rotating Revisited - An enhanced Beam-aiming circuit ...... W1ZZB 17 Antenna Tuners - Do we really need them? ...... W6YBT 21 The Topbander - A cheap and easy antenna tuner for 160 meters ...... W8ND 23 Build The Turbo Digi-Sniffer - A simple-to-make digital field strength meter ...... AH2HR/5 26 Sumas Mountain High - Building a self-sufficient repeater tower on a British Colombian mo...
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; power; circuit; meter; ham; linux; antennas; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; gel cell; ham radio; radio shack; morse code
Downloads: 2,116
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1983)
73 Magazine November 1983 (#278) Construct the Callsign Power Supply - KAIQZ put together aesthetics and electronics to produce a power supply that gives you more than good regulation ...... KA1QZ 10 The Magical Audio Filter - A variable frequency notch filter plus a peaking circuit will do wonders for your reception. And this project will almost build itself ...... W6QIF 14 Keyboard Your Way to Happiness - If happiness is perfect Morse, then this project is pure heaven...
Keywords: amateur; mhz; radio; antenna; tor; frequency; ihe; output; circuit; morse; amateur radio; power supply; morse code; buffer memory; printed circuit; morse keyboard; memory circuit; toll free; ham radio; gmt november
Downloads: 1,883
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